These awards are open to any exhibition stand at any event (B2B or B2C) at an event anywhere in the world. The same stand can be entered into multiple categories.


The judges will be looking for a blend of creative solutions, which fulfill the clients brief, and flawless execution on site. These can be an individual stand or multiple execution of stand.

Best Stand up to 24m² – (This stand can be shell scheme or space only)

Best Stand 25m² to 48m²

Best Stand 49m² to 100m²

Best Stand 101m² to 199m²

Best Stand up to 500m²

Best stand up to 1000m²

Best stand 1000m² or greater




Best use of technology on a stand

This award will go to those who best used technology on a stand, this could include audio visual, beacons, apps, tablets or any other application of technology to enhance results.


Best integration of social media on a stand

In the modern world, amplification and engagement beyond the exhibition stand are important parts of an exhibition campaign. This category will acknowledge social media campaigns implemented by exhibitors. This award can be entered by the stand designers, producers, builders, contractors as well as PR, marketing and social media companies.


Best story-telling on a stand

Exhibition stands are increasingly part of a wider marketing mix and serve a clear purpose to tell a brands story to it’s audience(s). This category celebrates effective story-telling through an exhibition stand. Case studies may include using effective booth staff, creative technology, interactive experiences or live performances to engage and amplify.

Best pavilion or group stand at an exhibition

International pavilions and group stands are an essential part of the exhibition landscape. This category acknowledges design creativity and onsite execution that benefits the pavilion owner and the individual companies / exhibitors participating.


Best stand for an exhibit programme

Exhibitions are no longer isolated marketing events but part of an ongoing campaign fro exhibiting companies. This award recognises exhibition stands that have multiple uses as part of an ongoing client exhibit. The programme must include at least 3 events.


Best reusable stand

Many exhibition stands need to be built and re-used in multiple events. This category rewards creative and innovative designs used effectively in multiple events. The type of materials and method of construction will be key factors in the design as will consideration of other elements of reusability and reconfigurability.


Best sustainable stand

The pressure for exhibitions and exhibitors to be environmentally sustainable has never been greater. This category acknowledges sustainable design, construction and materials, regardless of stand size. Judges will take note of processes between client and agency to effectively measure environmental impact and sustainability.




These categories look at the best stands produced for these show types, regardless of the stand size. Here, size is a component of the brief and not a benchmark for success. The stands can be one-off builds or have multiple uses and the shows can be B2B or B2C.

Best Stand at an automotive event

Best stand at a technology event


Best stand at a print event

Best stand at a fashion event

Best stand at a food and drink event

Best stand at an agriculture event

Best stand at an energy event

Best stand at a tourism event

Best stand at a finance event

Best stand at a health care event

Best stand at a retail event

Best stand at a construction event

Best stand at a transport event

Best stand at an aviation event

Best stand at a Games or Gaming Event

Best stand at a Real Estate or Property Event

Best stand at a Professional Services Event

Best stand at a Logistics Event

Best Stand at a Transport Event

Best Stand at a Healthcare Event

Best stand at a Defence or Security Event

Best Stand at an Aviation Event




Best Feature Area

Design and build work for organiser feature areas,  including registration, catering and networking, business lounges, seminar theatres etc, is an increasingly important part of effective exhibition design. This category recognises work specifically commissioned by the event owner. Areas which are sponsored but have been created for and on behalf of the event organiser are permitted in this category.