How to Enter

The World Exhibition Stand Awards are easy to enter. The process is divided into easily managed sections and you can save your progress and return at any point.

Background/ Brief [150 words]

The Solution – What was the central idea for the stand  [Max 300 words 25% of the score]

The Activation – How was the project delivered  [Max 300 words 25% of the score]

The Results – Describe the results and outcome  [Max 300 words. 25% of the score]

Supporting Material – Imagery, designs, photography, video, client testimonials etc. [25% of the score]

We strongly recommend that you prepare your entries before you start the entry process.

You can complete your registration and then return to amend and refine your draft entry at any point before submission.

The period under consideration is 1 June 2016 to 30 September 2018

All entries must focus on this exhibition stands built at events during this period


A note about language

The World Exhibition Stand Awards are open to entries from anywhere in the world. All entries must be submitted in business English. Please note the Judges are not scoring the quality or accuracy of the written English, but the quality of the idea and results. Google translate is acceptable as a method for translating your entry into English.


Rules and assistance

Entries will only be accepted for the categories you are entering. You may enter multiple categories and the same entry may be submitted to multiple categories.

All entries must be in English and submitted through the World Exhibition Stand Awards Website by January 11th 2019.

Delayed entries will be accepted until 31st January 2019. Please contact for further details on charges.

Focus on specific and tangible achievements or outcomes. The judges are asked to consider these and are required to support their decision with references to innovations or achievements. A 500 word history of your organisation may make for interesting reading but will not give the judges enough information to make an award.

Remember you are being judged on the creative design and marketing success of the exhibition stand you have created. In categories other than the Best new product awards, this may relate to products or innovations launched outside the judging period but the growth or contract wins that you are highlighting should be during the period.

Be specific. Don’t say, “we had significant volume growth during the period”; say “we had volume growth of x%”.

Don’t say, “we launched a number of new initiatives”; say “we launched x,y and z and this is why they matter”.

The judges’ decision is final. The judges will be named however it will not be indicated which awards they are judging. Regardless, any attempts to influence the judges will result in immediate disqualification. Judges will not be eligible to judge a category in which they have an interest.